Now She's Mine

You found her. You married her.
I fuck her.
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  • When her legs stop shaking, she stands behind me, still vying for control. She tells me it’s time to come for her. I laugh and say I come when I chose to, not when she tells me.

    She increases the speed of her hand, but it doesn’t change anything. I tell her she must have me mistaken for the man she left in bed. The one who this works on all too easily.

    After five minutes, when her arm is getting weak and desire and anger are gnawing at the back of her head, she finally says it.


    "Please what?"

    I can hear the break in her voice. 

    "Please let me see you come. I need to watch you come."

    "Why do you need to see that cock paint the floor?"

    "Because I want to please it. I need to know that I please it."

    "That wasn’t so hard, was it?"

    Now I’ll take her where you have never been allowed to go. Poor girl is so frustrated, this is the quickest and surest path. Has been since the first night we were together. Tonight she needs a reminder that I’m not like you, and will never be. That she’s not going to run this, or run me. That she really doesn’t want to. It’s just a bad habit.

    Even as she breaks, I know she is still wrestling with it. How easy I can do this to her. Some nights she lets go without a fight. Not tonight. Tonight she needs something buried in her that makes all those arguments moot.

    She’ll get frustrated at her inability to take all of me, and that she doesn’t break properly when she attempts to do it by herself. A leftover habit from fucking you. My guess is you couldn’t control yourself tonight. That frustrated her, and sent her here still trying to be on top.

    She’ll spin, and sink down again. Hoping this angle will give her the relief she needs while maintaining control. She gets closer, but not nearly close enough. The frustrated way she says “Fuck” lets me know she’s done trying to be in charge for a minute, but not quite ready to let go. It’s a damn shame you left her in this condition. 

    It was clear what she wanted. So I sat back and let her feed. Watched as she tried to make it fit in that lithe body. I’ll let you in on a secret; it makes me harder to see her stuck with so much left to take. This doesn’t make her task easier, but the frustration always makes her wetter.

    I had an interesting visitor tonight. Stopped by quite late at my office in a trench coat and some interesting attire beneath it. Did she wake you when she left your bed, or quietly slip out for something more substantial?

    They met at the club. He doesn’t speak English. She doesn’t speak Spanish. It doesn’t matter. An hour of grinding against him on the dance floor was all the language she needed. They were back in the room you are paying for by 10PM.

    You’re in the hallway. Following the directions in the text she sent you. Sitting against the wall, listening. From how muffled her moans are, it’s safe to assume he’s just a little larger than you.

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