Now She's Mine

You found her. You married her.
I fuck her.
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  • There used to be a sense of decorum. He’d arrive at night. Quietly. So the neighbors wouldn’t notice. Now they don’t even wait to get into the house.

    In under ten minutes her dress is down, then hiked, then she’s shaking against his truck. If they weren’t watching already, the squeal his cock forces out will have them all looking soon.

    They’ll stay inside their houses. The men getting hard. The women wishing they were being fucked like that. If you’re lucky, they’ll be in the house before you get home from work. 

    To be sure she understands, he yanks her from the truck and walks her into the sunlight. In full view of anyone watching. There he impales her, so she’ll break for him as they look on. Out in the open, until he has to catch her when those long legs quit.

    There’s no doubt someone saw them. The only hope you have of not becoming the talk of the neighborhood is the angle of the sun. It might let some of them pretend they didn’t just watch a stranger ruining your wife.

    Unfortunately for you, they didn’t make it to the house. He saw your car turning the corner and keeps her on the porch intentionally. She has no idea you’re there. Too busy trying to hang on to the rail while he fucks her like the pretty little animal she is.

    Right on your doorstep.

    By the time you work up the courage to leave your car, they’re in the doorway, still fucking. She’ll tell you later what he whispered just before she broke so hard the moan wouldn’t come out.

    He tosses her inside like the plaything she is. There’s more to come, but he’s going to wait until you get to the door. 

    No need to be rude.

    If you’re unlucky you’ll come home to this.

    He thinks the truck blocks enough of the view, but honestly doesn’t care who sees them. It makes him harder knowing they’re watching him wreck your wife. He takes a moment to appreciate the height of the Louboutins you bought her. She does too, because they’re the only thing saving her from him.

    She gets nervous about who might be seeing this, but it’s nothing he can’t force out of that pretty head. He tells her she’s done hiding. Time to show them all what a pretty fuck toy he’s turned her into.

    His cock is her new church.

    Where she’ll be worshipping daily.

    Apparently she enjoyed her first communion.

    Business Lunch

    I enjoy taking a client out to lunch. But I prefer it when I spend the second half of the hour pulling her hair while she strokes my cock and comes on my hand in the parking garage.

    We’re sitting in a meeting with the whole team now. She’s distracted and wet and wearing nothing under her skirt to stop it - tossed her thong in the trash on our way to the meeting. Apparently it was ruined. My cock is still half hard and slick from pounding her in a stairwell fifteen minutes ago. She’s shifting her legs and trying not to smile when I ask her questions.

    I don’t care if everyone in the room can smell her on me. In fact, the idea they can is making me harder. I’ll suggest we meet after this is over to follow through on some action items.

    He spent the afternoon breaking your wife’s little cunt in, until she was fucking him like she was possessed. She spent the afternoon learning just how completely the right can possess her.

    You’ll come home to find your come stained wife asleep on the floor, and his come stained tie hanging in your closet.

    Consider it his way of marking territory. 

    Your wife had the job of helping your new boss find a house. They spent half an hour pretending to look at listings. He was actually looking at her tits, and she was watching the immense bulge grow in his lap.

    The only house they ended up going to was yours. He put those pretty tits to perfect use. She was gone the moment she sank him into her throat. But the way he lifted her and impaled her really sealed the deal.

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