I’m going to send her into her 4PM meeting dripping wet and on fire, with the taste of me distracting her for the entire hour.

When she returns, I’m going to strip her naked and feed the ache that has been building.

Just enough to send her home to you, open and unbroken.

You should be a little terrified of what she’s going to do you tonight, and grateful enough to thank me for it later.

He brought some friends to help your wife make the transition from under satisfied to overloaded. They’d once been where she was. Accepting excuses and trying to hold their frustration at bay.

They knew what it was like to finally have somewhere to let it all go. To feel years of disappointment, anger and irritation pour out. As you watched it unfold, the gratitude just barely eclipsed the jealousy. Leaving this door locked because you don’t have the key, well that would just be cruel.

How big is her new boyfriend?

Fall on her knees big.

Breathing doesn’t matter big.

Crosses her eyes every time he breaks her big.

Doesn’t care if the neighbors can hear her big.

Can’t text you because her fingers don’t work anymore big.