According to science, nature abhors a vacuum. In this case the vacuum is you out of town on business, and your wife at a bar that’s closed.

The bartender is just following the laws of physics - moving to fill the void you’ve left for quite some time.

She moves quickly to fill an emptiness of her own. One that’s ached for years. A hunger that almost catches him off guard.

What else can you expect when she’s been left empty and unsatisfied so long? She’ll seek equilibrium, at times with great force.

A word of advice: If you’re on vacation and your wife catches the eye of the band, you’ll often lose her to the drummer. When you combine his sense of rhythm and hand strength with a significant endowment, it’s usually an irresistible combination.

In this case it was the bassist, because the length of his fingers looked promising, and castanets just don’t count.

She accidentally told your boss dinner was an hour earlier than the time she gave other guests. She’d heard he has a weakness for short black dresses and tall black heels. When he asked her to show him the shoes, she was very accommodating. He made sure she knew he appreciated her hospitality.

The only problem?

She’s starting to wish she’d told him to arrive two hours earlier. 

Based on his appreciation of her heels, your wife thinks your boss might have a bit of a foot fetish. He doesn’t exactly complain when she grinds them against his cock.

While he thinks she has lovely feet, especially in those heels, his interest in them isn’t a fetish. He just likes to watch the way her toes spread and her foot arches when he pushes her over the edge.

Now with only thirty minutes until the first guests are scheduled to arrive, she’s beginning to worry that you might get home a little early. She tries to keep her moans down, so she can hear the garage door open, but that doesn’t go well at all.

Your boss is a little too hungry to care who might hear or see them now. He’s hoping at the very least you get a chance to see how pretty her feet are when he makes them dance.